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Christmas has Gone to Habbo! .:have fun on this forum:.:Christmas town, let it snow:.
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 Queen Lola Kaylee Candycane

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Habbo Name: Snaahrf
Height: 5'9
Likes: Ladies men, niceness, a kind personality, red and white
Dislikes: Rudeness, stuck up people, bad parents, pink

Is a mother to Princess Gingerbread, AKA Penelope, she runs a town located by the north pole, Christmas Town. There, she is queen, living there with her daughter and the citizens. Her family was total royalty of the city, her great great great grandpa founding it. Thus, the royalty passing down, she runs it. Her mother and father live somewhere in Europe, living there after they retired. She gave birth to Penelope at a decent age, and raised her to be a princess. Once Lola dies, Penelope takes the throne.
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Queen Lola Kaylee Candycane
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